In 1990 Simon Watkins and Craig Le Marquand produced this one-hour audio documentary to mark the 45th anniversary of the Liberation of the Channel Islands from German forces during World War Two.

Over the years more and more people who lived through that dramatic time pass away and their memories and stories go with them.

This programme therefore is permanent record of the most significant period in World, British and Channel Island history.

It has an historical narrative of that time by Roy McLoughlin and is punctuated with interviews and recollections of the people who lived through it to form a truly accurate insight into this ill-assorted community at war. A sample of what the United Kingdom would have experienced should it have fallen.

These fascinating interviews include arrests, bombings, Commando landings, deportations, heroic escapes, and much more.

From the landing of the troops in 1940 to the Liberation 5 years later, these recollections will take you back in time and through those dark years and explain how it felt to be living under Nazi rule and in the shadow of a foreign power.