The Book

Living With The Enemy
Roy McLoughlin

Based on the audio recording of We Remember The Occupation By The Nazis in 1990, Living With The Enemy was produced in 1995 by Simon Watkins and was first published in the same year by Starlight Publishing. It has been the best selling German Occupation title in the Channel Islands ever since with over 70,000 copies sold and has been re-printed 15 times and is now published by Channel Island Publishing.

Due to the titles success, in 2003 the book was revised and translated into German and published in Berlin by Ch. Links Verlag under the title of Britische Inseln unterm Hakenkreuz.

In 2007 it was translated into French under the title of Vivre avec l' ennemi and went on sale in France the following year.

RoyAbout the author

Roy McLoughlin's work in London began with reviewing novels and plays for the story Department of Twentieth Century Fox Films.He moved to the BBC as a radio announcer and later produced novelty entertainment, meanwhile contributing features to the Daily Express and the Allied Newspapers Group.

In this book, he sets the personal experience of Channel Islanders against a background of the German occupation of the islands during World War Two.

Due to this titles continued success we are currently in the process of finding new publishers and distributors for this book around the world.




"Living With The Enemy is a stunning account of how a small population with a belief in themselves, their own integrity and loyalty to the Crown were able to stand up to a country which at one time controlled the whole of Europe but most importantly played their own part in the eventual destruction of the Third Reich."

Jack Higgins - Master thriller writer and international bestseller.

"I am bewildered by the stories of the Occupation and befuddled that this part of history is relatively unknown outside the Channel Islands. I have rarely come across a historical book that is so easily read, intelligent, heart-touching, hard-hitting and thought-provoking.

LIVING WITH THE ENEMY has opened an important piece of history to me that otherwise I would not have known. It is a true legacy to history and belongs up there with the serious tomes of WWII. Highly recommended."

Hyan Thiboutot from the sales team.

"The German occupation of the Channel Islands is a subject that has always caused controversy. This book is both well researched, well balanced, and lays to rest many myths.

It has the interesting aspect of first hand accounts from both the occupying German forces and the British people, as well as a superb range of photographs. It also brings into focus the human element while relating them to the wider perspective of Europe at war.

A good read for military historians and Joe public alike"

An Amazon Customer

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--Opening Moves
Chapter 2--Raiders from the Sky
Chapter 3--Churchill's Missionaries
Chapter 4--Ways and Means
Chapter 5--The First Year
Chapter 6--Secret Radios & Deportations
Chapter 7--The Year of Fate
Chapter 8--Islands Under Siege
Chapter 9--Liberation and Aftermath

Chapter 10--Storm Warnings
Chapter 11--The Sinews of Government
Chapter 12--Food and Health
Chapter 13--Bargaining and Compromise
Chapter 14--Hitler's Island Projects
Chapter 15--Moves behind the Scenes
Chapter 16--End-Game

Chapter 17--Close-up of the Occupiers
Chapter 18--Arguments and Conclusions