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In 2005 Julie Daly-Wallman produced the Living with the Enemy documentary. It is the true and personal story of the Occupation of Jersey.

Inspired by the book Living With The Enemy and Islanders, this definitive documentary gives a heart-warming and heart-wrenching insight into Island life between 1940 and 1945, as seen through the eyes of the people who endured it.

Featuring interviews with over 20 residents, the Green Eye Production, directed by Julie Daly-Wallman - producer of the award-winning movie The Crooked Mile - and produced in association with The Marie-Anthoine Film Trust and The Jersey Tourism Development Fund, is the culmination of three years' extensive research.

Bringing together a selection of fascinating and enlightening historical and anecdotal stories and memories, the documentary also aims to clarify any misconceptions about life in Jersey during those years, and highlights how much Islanders contributed to, and sacrificed for, Britain. A poignant tribute to everyone touched by those difficult years, this is the true story of Living With The Enemy.

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The documentary premiered at the Jersey Arts Centre on Saturday 7th May 2005 as part of the events planned to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Liberation. It was a great success and was attended by many well known Islanders and Island dignitaries including The Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache, Jack Higgins international best selling author and guests from as far away as Australia and the USA.


"For me, Living With The Enemy confirms Julie (Daly-Wallman) as a young film-maker of tremendous potential. The film was beautifully crafted, skillfully mixing archive footage with interviews, drawings and reconstructions. It flowed flawlessly and 118 minutes went by effortlessly. Living With The Enemy gave the viewer a real insight into the Occupation, but in a balanced and fair way, always showing the humanity of the Islanders and their courage."

Alan Martin - Gold Circle Films (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, White Noise, The Wedding Date)

"I am delighted to have helped encourage a project which stands as a worthy and moving testimonial to the bravery and suffering of those who endured the Occupation. The personal recollections are honest and compelling: a living, remembered, and now unforgettable history for Channel Islanders."

David Lowen - Director of International Television and Media Consulting Ltd

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