Photographs of the German Occupation of the British Channel Islands during World War II

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June 30th 1940. The Eagle has landed - German Officers show off the Union Jack with the Guernsey crest Talks at Jersey Airport about terms of surrender with the Attorney General The troops arrive
The Luftwaffe replaces the RAF at the airports The build up of troops continues High-ranking Officers outside the Don Hotel ready to inspect the troops. The officer in the middle is Major-General Graf Von Schmettow
A Luftwaffe march past On parade A show of strength
Work begins on digging in. The Islands are to be turned into impregnable fortresses on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler. Officers appear in good spirits after an easy victory One for the album. Pictured outside a local pub, Note the White Label Whiskey & Bass Beer signs
Full military honours were granted by the Luftwaffe at the funerals of R.A.F Sergeants Butlin and Holden who were shot down over Jersey. It is thought this was to try and pacify the local population. The Funeral of R.A.F Sergeants Butlin and Holden. The officer is Oberleutnant Zepernick who was himself killed shortly after this by the R.A.F. It was during a fighter attack on the train in which he was traveling home in on leave in France. His body was returned to Jersey for burial. A Messerschmitt Bf 109 refuels on British soil during the Battle of Britain
The propaganda unit swing into action and catches Kreigsmarine troops walking past theWestminster Bank in Alderney. Another staged shot for the news reels. A victory parade through the Streets of St Peter Port, Guernsey. Note Lloyds bank as a suitable backdrop for a photo opportunity Another suitable backdrop for morning drill of the German Navy.
No photo opportunity is wasted by the German Propaganda Unit; here a "British Bobby" gives directions to a German troop. These photographs were exhibited throughout the German Empire to show the occupation of British territory, which were said to be stepping-stones to England. Franz Zurhorst returned to Jersey as a tourist in 1999. I was very fortunate to meet with him.  He gave me a large selection of his photographs of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands.